JBDW-C Series Low-temperature Automatic Impact Testing Machine Impact Testing Machine

Product description:

1. Capacity: 150J,300J,450J,600J,750J 2. Application JBDW-CComputerControlSemi-automaticCharpyImpactTestingMachineisusedformeasuring themetalmaterialresistanceperformanceunderdynamicload,inordertodete
  • JBW-300ZH automatic both izod and charpy Impact Testing Machine
  • JBW-C Series Impact Testing Machine
  • Jbw-c impact testing machine
  • Impact projector

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1. Capacity:
2. Application
JBDW-C Computer Control Semi-automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine is used for measuring 
the metal material resistance performance under dynamic load,in order to determine the material 
properties under dynamic load.
It’s a necessary testing machine,not only used in the metallurgy,machine manufacture etc areas, 
but also used for the science research.
3. Standards:
ASTM E23, ISO148-2006 and GB/T3038-2002, GB/229-200,ISO 138,EN10045.
4. Main Technical Specifications:
Model JBDW-300C JBDW-450C JBDW-600C JBDW-750C
Max. impact energy(J)  300 450 600 750
Pendulum Torque 160.7695 241.1543 321.5390 401.9238
The distance between the
pendulum shaft and impact  point
Impact speed 5.24 m/s
Raised angle 150°
Round angle of the jaw R1-1.5mm
Round angle of impact edge R2-2.5mm,R8±0.05mm
Angle accuracy 0.1°
Cooling way compressor
Capacity of sample box 20
Range of low temperature room tempeature --60°c/80°c
Standard specimen dimension 10mm×10(7.5/5)mm×55mm
Power supply 3phs, 380V, 50Hz or specified by users
Net Weight (kg) 900