JBW-C Series Impact Testing Machine

Product description:

1. Capacity: 150J,300J,450J,600J,750J 2. Application JBW-CComputerControlSemi-automaticCharpyImpactTestingMachineisusedformeasuring themetalmaterialresistanceperformanceunderdynamicload,inordertodeter
  • JBW-300ZH automatic both izod and charpy Impact Testing Machine
  • Jbw-c impact testing machine
  • Impact projector
  • Jb-300b dial charpy impact testing machine

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1. Capacity:
2. Application
JBW-C Computer Control Semi-automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine is used for measuring
the metal material resistance performance under dynamic load,in order to determine the material
properties under dynamic load.
It’s a necessary testing machine,not only used in the metallurgy,machine manufacture etc areas,
but also used for the science research.
3. Standards:
ASTM E23, ISO148-2006 and GB/T3038-2002, GB/229-200,ISO 138,EN10045.
4. Main Technical Specifications:
Model JBW-300C JBW-450C JBW-600C JBW-750C
Max. impact energy(J) 300 450 600 750
Pendulum Torque 160.7695 241.1543 321.5390 401.9238
The distance between the
pendulum shaft and impact  point
Impact speed 5.24 m/s
Raised angle 150°
Round angle of the jaw R1-1.5mm
Round angle of impact edge R2-2.5mm,R8±0.05mm
Angle accuracy 0.1°
Standard specimen dimension 10mm×10(7.5/5)mm×55mm
Power supply 3phs, 380V, 50Hz or specified by users
Net Weight (kg) 900

5. Features:
5.1 One-body cast frame design of seat and column provide high stability.
5.2 Front and rear columns are symmetrical. Pendulum arm is designed of cantilever beam support, with simple structure and high machined precision.
5.3 Apply high precision bearing with small friction. Absorbing energy without loading is less than 0.3%.
5.4 Double reduction gear system replaces old style drive system with high efficiency and avoiding transmission failure.
5.5High rigid pendulum arm prevents axial and transverse vibrations.
5.6 Exchangeable pendulum is simple to change to satisfy impact energy of 150J, 300J, 450J, 600J, 750J.
5.7 Electromagnetic release of pendulum hammer and electromagnetic clutch for locking the pendulum and raising it to its initial position. A damper is equipped to prevent strong bump when clutching.
5.8 Full-closed enclosure with high safety to prevent broken sample from splitting. Protective screening has interlock door. When the door opens, most operations can’t work to avoid any wrong operation.
5.9 Big touch screen monitor may real-time displays striker angle, impact energy, toughness,and other parameters. User can input specimen data and other information such as company information into this monitor. When connected to a printer, user input information and test results will be printed(optional)
5.10 Optional cooling system is available to satisfy cold specimen test down to -180℃(optional)
5.11 Apply SIEMENS industrial PLC to control pendulum, The whole system is stable, reliable and accurate.(optional)
6. Software Features:
6.1 Fully automatic, sample feeding, auto position the sample; high efficiency;
6.2 Pendulum rising, impact, sample feeding, position, free releasing is realized automatically by
easy PC mouse click;
6.3 Safety pin guaranties the impact action, standard protection shell to avoid any accident.
6.4 Pendulum will automatically rising and ready for next impact action after specimen breakout.