Hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine

Product description:

hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine
  • 300KN 30Ton Nylon rope Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
  • 500KN 50Ton long material sample tensile testing machine
  • Chain computer control Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
  • 2000kN 5000KN 200Ton 500Ton Lifting horizontal tensile tester

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1. Application :

WAW-L series Computer Control Eletro-Hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine adopting hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data acquisition and processing, enabling closed-loop control and automatically test high-precision test equipment,mainly composed by the host, oil source (hydraulic power source), measuring and control systems and test grip, the maximum test force 600kN with 1 class test accuracy . Meet the test standard ASTM E4

Can test specimens like wire, cable, connecting rod, steel wire, steel cable, steel link, metal chain, chain assembly, spring, webbing, rope, anchor chain, hook, piping and metal fasteners are testable

2.Technical Parameter:

Lifting horizontal tensile testing machine