Optical Fiber Cable Torsion Testing Machine

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Optical Fiber Cable Torsion Testing Machine
  • Conclusion of torsion test apparatus
  • Steel metal wire torsion testing machine
  • Cable torsion testing machine
  • Cable torsion tester

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GNZ-1000 Series Optical Fiber Cable Torsion Testing Machine is intended to establish the ability of a fiber optic cable to withstand mechanical twisting.




The length of the specimen under torsion should be sufficient to permit the appropriate clamping and twisting, and long enough to sustain the applied torsion. A typical value for small cables 1m, whereas larger cable samples are usually defined in terms of the cable diameter. A common length is 125 times the cable diameter. Armored cables may require a longer cable sample or a smaller number of torsion cycles.




The actual sample length is longer than the part under torsion to allow connecting the fibers to be tested.

The twisting apparatus consists of two cable gripping devices or clamps, one fixed and one that can rotate. The distance between the clamps is connected to suitable turning equipment. The clamps are designed to prevent crushing force on cable and to allow the cable end to exit from both sides to allow optical measurements.


Technical Parameters

1. Torsion angle: ±90°, ±180°, ±360°;

2.Torsion length: 1000mm;

3.Setting range of testing times: 19999;

4.Setting range of frequency: 5-30 times/min;

5.The torsion times will be automatically recorded. When reaching to the preset times, the test is automatically terminated;

6.Mass of hammer: the mass of pre-stressed hammer is 27.5kg, in which, poise bracket (5kg), 4 5kg poises and 1 2.5 poise.


Host dimension: 2010×520mm

Dimension of control panel: 540×410mm

8.Power supply: 3-phase 4-wire, 50Hz, 1KW. In which, power of motor is 0.55KW;

9.Ambient temperature: 10℃~40

10.Ambient humidity: less than 80% (Non-condensing).