Manual Spring Torsion Testing Machine

Product description:

ANH series digital torsion spring tester is a kind of intelligent multifunctional measuring instrument used for testing and inspection of torsion spring.With simple operation, high precision, easy
  • torsion spring testing machine
  • torsion spring tester
  • Spring Torque Test Equipment
  • Spring Torsion Testing Equipment

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Manual Spring Torsion Testing Machine
ANH series digital torsion spring tester is a kind of intelligent 
multifunctional measuring instrument used for testing and inspection
 of torsion spring.With simple operation, high precision, easy to carry, 
complete functions, widely used in all kinds of electric, light industry, 
machinery manufacturing, research institutions, etc.
Main specification: 
Item No. Biggest test torque Measurement range
ANH-100A 100 mNm 1~100 (mNm)
ANH-200A 200 mNm 2~200 (mNm)
ANH-300A 300 mNm 3~300 (mNm)
ANH-500A 500 mNm 5~500 (mNm)
ANH-1000A 1000 mNm 10~1000 (mNm)
ANH-1 1 Nm 0.01~1 (Nm)
ANH-2 2 Nm 0.02~2 (Nm)
ANH-3 3 Nm 0.03~3 (Nm)
ANH-5 5 Nm 0.05~5 (Nm)
ANH-10 10 Nm 0.1~10 (Nm)
ANH-20 20 Nm 0.2~20 (Nm)
ANH-30 30 Nm 0.3~30 (Nm)
ANH-50 50 Nm 0.5~50 (Nm)
ANH-100 100 Nm 1~100 (Nm)