HST Mechanical Stability Tester

Product description:

HST Mechanical Stability Tester
  • Plastic Dupont Impact Tester
  • HST-MX-01COF Coefficient Friction Film Plastic Test Equipment
  • HST-5750 Taber Linear Abraser, Plastic Rubber Linear Abrasion Test Machine, Taber Linear Abrader
  • HST-321Taber Abrasion  resistance Testing Machine/tester

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This tester supplies a method for the determination of the mechanical stability of rubber latex concentrate, also prevulcanized rubber latex concentrate. It is the essential instrument required to improve the quality of rubber latex.
ISO 35
Display error: ≤0.1%
Measurement resolution: 1r/min
Display method: LED of frequency conversion
Test speed: (14000±200) rev/min
The max. speed: 20000 rev/min
The min. speed: 2000 rev/min