HST-JLT800 Pipe Joints Leak Tightness Tester

Product description:

HST-JLT800 Pipe Joints Leak Tightness Tester
  • Plastic Dupont Impact Tester
  • HST-MX-01COF Coefficient Friction Film Plastic Test Equipment
  • HST-5750 Taber Linear Abraser, Plastic Rubber Linear Abrasion Test Machine, Taber Linear Abrader
  • HST-321Taber Abrasion  resistance Testing Machine/tester

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This instrument is mainly used for the detection of the matching performance between the pipes when the plastic pipes such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic pipes are connected by elastic sealing ring, that is, the detection of the sealing problem of the interface; insert the pipe section into the socket pipe section Compose the sample, make the axis of the two pipe sections into a deformation angle, keep it for the specified time under the specified two negative pressure conditions, and check whether the sample leaks during the test. This product is ideal for testing units, production units, and scientific research units. test instrument.
ISO4422, ISO13844, EN DIN 1277
Test pressure: 0 to (-0.08) MPa
Pressure Accuracy:0.001MPa
Angle of deflection: 2.5°
Number of test station: one
Pipe diameter(DN): 63mm to 500mm
Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz 1.0kW