HST-BIT Package Carton Box Drop Impact Tester

Product description:

HST-BIT Package Carton Box Drop Impact Tester
  • Plastic Dupont Impact Tester
  • HST-MX-01COF Coefficient Friction Film Plastic Test Equipment
  • HST-5750 Taber Linear Abraser, Plastic Rubber Linear Abrasion Test Machine, Taber Linear Abrader
  • HST-321Taber Abrasion  resistance Testing Machine/tester

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Digital single wing drop testing machine is suitable for testing the packaging situation after free fall and to evaluate the anti-impact strength in the process of shipping. It can be used to test the damage and impact of packaging by the free fall. Packaging containers edges, angle, surface can be tested. It is mainly used to assess anti-impact strength of packaging in the transportation and loading, thereby improving and perfecting packaging design.

Design Standards:


Specification parameter:

Drop height range:

400-1500mm (can be customized)

Allow the maximum weight of the test piece:

65kg (can be customized)

Allow the maximum size of the test piece:

800 × 800 × 800mm

Impact panel size:

1400 × 1200mm

Support arm size:

700 × 350mm

Drop error:



increase 1/3 HP, manual adjustment

Test system meets specifications:


Action mode:

electric drop, manual reset