Optical Fiber Cable Abrasion Testing Machine

Product description:

Optical Fiber Cable Abrasion Testing Machine
  • Plastic Dupont Impact Tester
  • HST-MX-01COF Coefficient Friction Film Plastic Test Equipment
  • HST-5750 Taber Linear Abraser, Plastic Rubber Linear Abrasion Test Machine, Taber Linear Abrader
  • HST-321Taber Abrasion  resistance Testing Machine/tester

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GMS-100 Series Optical Fiber Cable Abrasion Testing Machine is intended to determine the ability of optical fiber cable withstand Abrasion



The abrasion resistance of optical fiber cables has two aspects:

a)The ability of the sheath to resist abrasion;

b)The ability of cable markings to resist abrasion.

The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of an optical fiber cable sheath to resist abrasion. Abrasion testing of cable markings is method E2B.


The sample shall be of a length sufficient to carry out the specified test. A typical length is 750 mm.



The abrasion test rig consists of a device designed to abrade the surface of the cable in both directions parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cable over a length of 10 mm ± 1 mm at a frequency of 55 cycles/min ± 5 cycles/min. One cycle consists of one abrading edge movement in each direction.

The abrading edge shall be a steel needle with a diameter as specified in the detail specification.


Technical Parameters

1.Attrition stroke: 100mm;

2.Setting range of testing times: 19999;

3.Frequency: 55±5 times/min; 4. Poise: 10~100N

5.Power supply requirement: 3-phase 4-wire, 50Hz, 0.37KW;

6.Ambient temperature: 10℃~40.