OBT2000-W Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

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OBT2000-W Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope 1. Application Used to identify and analyze composite structures of all kinds of metal and alloy material. Widely used in factory or lab for cast
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  • 4XC Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

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OBT2000-W Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
1. Application
Used to identify and analyze composite structures of all kinds of metal and alloy material. Widely used in factory or lab for casting quality appraisal. The inspection of raw materials or microstructure analysis after material handling. And do some research work of surface phenomenon.
It’s the metallographic analysis of iron and steel, non-ferrous metal materials, casting, coating; petrographic analysis of geology; An effective means for industrial fields to microcosmic research compounds, ceramics, etcs. It’s the necessary instrument of metallography organization structure and material science research materials. Also widely used in biology, medicine and education, etc.
A growing body of research has not meet the conventional way of metallographic microscope and camera, input the microscopic imaging into microcomputer, make all kinds of image post-processing by microprocessor, is new technology in the field of microsurgery synchronous in today's world.
Metallographic microscope, access the high resolution CCD camera system, process, edit, save and output (such as print, etc.) the images by computer or enter the multimedia system and E-mail address.
If further access to the image analysis computer operating system, further research and analysis on the metallographic atlas, or image precision measurement, multi-function image morphological analysis, statistics and output the report.
2. Function
Using professional optical lens and flat field eyepiece, good image quality, high resolution, observe comfortable.
Offers superior image quality and reliable mechanical structure.
Optional corresponding photographic camera accessories, to collect and save the Observed images, with computers and professional metallurgical analysis software to analysis the images.
Easy operation, complete accessories, widely used in metallographic analysis for teaching and scientific research, semiconductor silicon wafer testing, address mineral analysis, precision engineering measurement, etc.
3. Specifications
1. Structure : Hinged trinocular, 45°tilt, ±5 diopter can be adjusted both side, IPD adjustment range: 54-75mm, fixed ratio, Binocular: Trinocular=80%:20%.
2. Total magnification : 50-1000 times
3. Objective : Professional Metallurgical objective 5X,10X,20X,50X.
4. Eyepiece : High eye-point wide field eyepiece flat field PL10X/18mm.
5. Micrometer : 0.01 mm / 1 mm
6. Stage: Three layers of mechanical mobile platforms, area 180mmX155mm, Lower right hand control, stroke : 75mm×40mm, metal flat bedplate, center hole φ12mm.
7. Focusing mechanism : Low hand position coarse tune coaxial Focusing mechanism, coarse per rotation stroke 38mm, fine-tuning accuracy 0.002mm, with coarse tension adjustment device.
8. Lighting system : Reflective Corazon Illuminator with the iris diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm
9. Optical System : Infinity color correction optical system.
10. Power : 220VAC(50Hz)
4. Configuration
1. Metallographic microscope
2. Mirror image adaptation
3. Image Sensor Camera
4. Metallurgical analysis software
5. Software encryption devices
6. Computers and printer(Owned or optional)