ZXQ-5ST Metallographic mounting machine

Product description:

ZXQ-5ST Metallographic mounting machine
  • FL8500 Computer Type Trinocular Upright Multifunction Metallographic Microscope
  • ZXQ-2A Metallographic Mounting Machine
  • MoPao160Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine
  • FL7000 Metallographic Microscope

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The automatic metallographic sample inlay machine is a multi-functional water-cooled mounting machine for mounting various samples. Inlay small and irregular workpieces. After mounting, it is convenient to perform grinding and polishing operations on the workpiece and it is also beneficial for users to observe the structure of the material under the metallographic microscope more conveniently.

This machine adopts hydraulic control. The biggest feature is that the cylinder body adopts special process design, and the inlay process is completed in 5 minutes.


Main Specifications

Specimen pressing specification: ф22mm, ф30mm, ф45mm, (choose 1)

Heating power: 2400W

Input voltage: 220V 50HZ

Sample preparation pressure: 0-10MPa

Sample preparation time: 5min

Cooling method: water cooling

Dimensions: 435×610×430mm

Net weight: 45Kg