XNR-400D LDPE/ PE MVR MFI Testing Machine Plastic Melt Flow Index Tester

Product description:

Application: XNR-400DMelt Flow IndexTester is accordance toISO1133; GB3682 2000,ASTM D1238.Its suitable to measure melt flow character of PP, PE, POM, ABS plastics and plastic productions, widely used
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XNR-400D Melt Flow Index Tester is accordance to ISO1133; GB3682 2000, ASTM D1238. It's suitable to measure melt flow character of PP, PE, POM, ABS plastics and plastic productions, widely used in factories, products quality testing station, scientific and research institutes, and concerned industries.

Main Specification:

Extrusion discharging part:
Diameter of discharging outlet: Φ2.095±0.005mm
Length of discharging outlet: 8.000±0.025mm
Diameter of charging barrel: Φ9.550±0.025mm
Length of charging barrel: 152±0.1mm
Diameter of piston rod head: Φ9.475±0.015mm
Length of piston rod head: 6.350±0.100mm

Standard load of test (eight class)

Grade 1: 0.325kg=(piston rod + scale pan+ lagging + No.1 weight=3.187N
Grade 2: 1.200 kg=(0.325+ No.2 weight 0.875)=11.77 N
Grade 3: 2.160 kg=(0.325+ No.3 weight 1.835)=21.18 N
Grade 4: 3.800 kg=(0.325+No.4 weight 3.475)=37.26 N
Grade 5: 5.000 kg=(0.325+ No.5 weight 4.675)=49.03 N
Grade 6: 10.000 kg=(0.325+No.5 weight 4.675+No.6 weight 5.000)=98.07 N
Grade 7: 12.500 kg=(0.325+No.5 weight 4.675+No.6 weight 5.000+ No.7 weight 2.500)=122.58 N
Grade 8: 21.600 kg=(0.325+No.2 weight 0.875+No.3 weight 1.835+No.4 weight 3.475+No.5 weight 4.675+No.6 weight 5.000+No.7 weight 2.500+No.8 weight 2.915)=211.82 N

A. Relative error of test load≤0.1%
B.Range of temperature: Room temperature50---450°C.
C. Accuracy of constant temperature:±0.1°C
D. Power supply:220V±10%,50Hz
E. Working environment: The temperature is 10°C—40°C, relative humidity is 30%—80%, no corrosive medium around,no strong air convection,no shake,no disturb from magnetic field
F. Resolution:0.1°C
G. Overall dimension (L x W x H)(mm):510×370×600
H. Host weight: 25kgs weights: 21.6kgs