Impact testing low-temperature chamber

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Impact testing low-temperature chamber
  • Low temperature impact test chamber
  • Low temperature impact test equipment
  • Low temperature impact test meter
  • Low temperature impact testing chamber

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This equipment used liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology, the use of the principle of heat balance and mixing method of circulation to achieve uniformity of the sample auto-cooling and temperature, to fully meet the temperature indicators of national standard GB229-2007 of the provisions. The equipment is simple, convenient and efficient for working, which is the ideal equipment of specimen cooling and insulation for low-temperature impact testing. At the same time, it can also be used for other low-temperature detection and testing.
ASTM, E23-02a, En10045, ISO83,GB/T229-2009
l It uses liquid nitrogen cooling technology and high-precision intelligent instrument to control ultra-low temperature test
l  It can achieve automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature for specimen
Model DWC-150 DWC-196
Cooling range +30°C ~-150°C +30°C ~-196°C
Constant temperature accuracy ±2°C
Temperature dropping speed  2°C ~5°C / min
Max. Dimension 900×660×650 mm
Dimension of the liquid nitrogen tank 1000×600×600 mm
Effective working space 240×150×150mm(huge stainless steel refrigerator)
Specimens amount 60 (Impact Specimens Size: 10×10×55mm)
 Digital timer 1min~9999min(Resolution:1min)
Cooling medium Liquid nitrogen
Power supply 220V~240V, 50HZ, 2.5KW