Bolt universal tensile testing machine

Product description:

bolt universal tensile testing machine
  • WAW-F Electro-hydraulic Servo Strength Testing Machine(200Ton, 300Ton)
  • LAW-H Computer Control Steel Strand Tension Testing Machine
  • WAW-F Steel rebar Single Test Space Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine(600kN, 1000kN)
  • WAW-F 1000kN,100Ton Electro-hydraulic Servo PC Strand Tensile Strength Testing Machine

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1. Bolt universal tensile testing machine application:

The machine adopts hydraulic loading, Computer Display, easy and convenient to operate. It is mainly used to execute the tension, compression, bending, flexural etc. test for metal materials. Attached with simple accessories and devices, it can be used to test wood, concrete, cement, rubber, and so on.It is very suitable for making test to different metal or nonmetal materials under high toughness and hardness against extreme big loading force.

2. Bolt universal tensile testing machine standards:

ISO6892, BS4449,ASTM C39,ISO75001, ASTM A370, ASTM E4, ASTM E8 and BSEN standards.


Bolt universal tensile testing machine