HST-5000 Static Load Anchoring Testing Machine

Product description:

1. Instruction Computer control static load anchoring testing machine is designed of PC control and manual drive hydraulic loading system, main engine controller separately fixed. It has the character
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1. Instruction
Computer control static load anchoring testing machine is designed of PC control and manual drive hydraulic loading system, main engine controller separately fixed. It has the characteristics of operation amenity, working steady, high accuracy and loading steady. It is special for testing the strand wire static load anchorage strength. It adopts load sensor, computer control and display, electro-hydraulic servo control, with high accuracy.

2. Structure
Computer control static load anchoring testing machine  is composed by main frame, control cabinet (including oil source, pump station) and computer control system.

2.1 main frame: composed by load sensor, frame, hanger, boarding, jack and padding plate, anchor plate, anchorage, and so on. The anchor plate,
anchorage and padding plate can be changed for different piece quantity test.

2.2 control cabinet: composed by control panel, motor pump, delivery check valve, cut-off valve, electromagnetic directional valve, electro-hydraulic servo digital valve, pipeline, oil tank, and so on. It mainly does the control to oil cylinder (jack), start the piston, back, stop, pressure, speed.

3. PC control electro-hydraulic servo measuring system introduction
It is electro-hydraulic universal material testing and analysis system, suitable for 200KN~ 5000KN static load grapple equipped tester. It has the functions of test the collected data, automatic analysis, print report and curve. Applicable to the tensile test of strand wire static load grappling.
It is a ideal testing system for industrial and mining business, commerce arbitration institution, scientific research institution, colleges, construction project quality control institution and so on.

4. Characteristics
Steel strand wire grapple coefficient tester utilizes the large tonnage hydraulic pump station loading mechanism. It can detect the single-hole or multi-hole static load grapple properties. It adopts the computer automatic collection, testing curve tracking, force value and shift change monitor, test result storage, test data treatment, automatic calculation of the test results. It can also print the test result.

5. PC control electro-hydraulic servo measuring system structure
It is including hardware and software.

5.1 Hardware
1)Electro-hydraulic measurement control cabinet
a) Internal micro-computer control panel, communicate with PC by RS232 series port.
b) Adopts famous brand import integrated component, such as BB, AD,Atmel, and so on, fully digitized design.
c) Adopts integrated high precision meter amplifier.
d) 18 bits high accuracy analog-to-digital conversion.

2) Sensor
a) Low temperature drift load sensor

3)digital servo valve
a) stepping motor fully digital control driving, has the very strong anti-pollution capacity

2. Software
a) Automatic constant speed load closed-loop control
b) Automatic constant load, closed-loop control
c) Automatic switch the control way during the tensile process
d) Adopts PID and advanced fuzzy control artithmetic.

6. Main technical parameters

Model & specification HST-5000
Max. test force 5000KN
Measuring range 4%-100% (full range without setp division equivalent three-step)
Measuring accuracy (test force) Be superior then ±1% of value display
Measuring accuracy 0-200mm
Displacement mesuring range ±1%
Repeatability ±0.5%
Relative resolution ±0.5%
Poston stroke 200mm
Tensile space 3400mm