Fatigue Test systems for the railway industry

Product description:

Fatigue Test systems for the railway industry
  • HST-P 50kn 100kn 200KN 250KN 5Ton 10Ton 20Ton 25Ton Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Tester
  • HST-PU-22001-A0-000 Hydraulic Oil Circuit Control Valve Group
  • HST-P20JZ 0.2/s Servo Dynamic static fatigue testing system for shock absorber
  • Wheel Radial Load Fatigue Testing Machines

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The multipurpose testing bench can perform biaxial static and dynamic tests (tensile, compression, bending and torque) on complete track set.


EN 13146-1 (Determination of longitudinal rail restraint),

EN 13146-2 (Determination of torsional resistance),

EN 13146-4 (Effect of repeated loading),

AREMA chapter 5, as well as other standards belonging to entities such as GOST, UIC, AS, etc.

Models and features




Maximum capacity main actuator

± 150 kN

± 300 kN

Maximum capacity secundary actuator

± 50 kN (others available)

Calibrated measuring range

2% to 100% of the nominal capacity of the load cell


1 according to EN-ISO 7500 standard

Resolution in force

5-digit floating point


High stiffness by means of 4 columns

Vertical testing space 1

1000 mm

1000 mm

Measurement of the piston position

0-300 mm

0-300 mm

Position transducer (main actuator)

Magnetostrictive transducer. Inside piston mounting.
Resolution: 0.5 micron

Position transducer (secundary actuator)

Digital transducer. Resolution: 1 micron

Piston stroke (Main and secundary)

300 mm (±150 mm)

300 mm (±150 mm)

Power supply

3 ph 380 V + N + T, 50/60 Hz
(Connection power to be defined according to the hydraulic unit installed)3