Abrasion testing machine

Product description:

Abrasion testing machine
  • HST-P 50kn 100kn 200KN 250KN 5Ton 10Ton 20Ton 25Ton Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Tester
  • HST-PU-22001-A0-000 Hydraulic Oil Circuit Control Valve Group
  • HST-P20JZ 0.2/s Servo Dynamic static fatigue testing system for shock absorber
  • Fatigue Test systems for the railway industry

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Application :

MMU-10G Screen Display High Temperature End-face Friction and Wear Testing Machine is used for testing the friction capabilities of project plastics, powder metallurgy and alloy bearing under the sliding friction. It operates under the conditions of room temperature or high temperature and changing all the parameters such as lubricant state (non-oil lubrication or oil-soaking lubrication), load, speed, friction spouse material, roughness of friction subsurface and hardness, etc. It also can be used to test the temperature and frictional coefficient of materials.


Features : 

1) It is a hydraulic-mechanical integration precise testing machine.

2) It is equipped with plunger pump and cogwheel pump as the power source. The overflow valve, throttle valve, reversing valve are all original from Taiwan.

3) The hydraulic jar is equipped with frictionless plunger cylinder which can ensure accurate transmitting data.

4) The spindle motor is equipped with Matsushita AC servo motor and controller to ensure wide speed range, wide low speed torque, and low noise.

5) The alarming lamp will shine and spindle motor will stop when any parameter is more than preset parameter.

6) Digital device and PC screen can display all the parameters, and record temperature-time curve, friction-time curve.

7) Equipped with high precision measuring device, it can measure the size of vice friction spots.


Main technical parameters :




Range of testing force


Accuracy of testing force display value


Accuracy of automatically maintain display value of testing force


Range of friction measuring


Accuracy of display friction


Range of spindle speed


Accuracy of spindle speed


Temperature rang

Room temperature ~600°C

Rubbing pair for test

According to customers’ requirements

Cellar stroke


Power of main motor


Range of display time


Range of display revolution



About 1200×870×1700min



Self-Protection (in the following conditions, this device start self-protection system automatically)

Exceed operation

Exceed preset time

Exceed preset revolution

Exceed Max. friction