Mattress spring fatigue tester

Product description:

Mattress spring fatigue tester
  • DPS-25B dynamic and static leaf spring fatigue testing machine
  • HST-100T Insulator Thermal-mechanical testing machine
  • YYF-50 Slow Strain Rate Stress Corrosion Testing Machine
  • Pls-2014 electro-hydraulic servo component fatigue test system

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1. Application:

Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine is ainly used to detect a variety of metals, non-metallic materials and small movable member, the static mechanical properties test. It can do tensile, compression, bending, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack growth, fracture mechanics test under sine, triangle, square wave, trapezoidal wave, random wave, combination waveform.

This Test machine is flexible, moving beam down, locking the sample holder by button operations, the use of advanced hydraulic servo drive technology loaded, high precision and high resolution dynamic load sensor magnetostrictive displacement sensor specimens force values and displacement.

Fully digital measurement and control system implementation force, displacement, deformation closed loop control, test software under WINDOWS Chinese working environment, powerful data processing capabilities, test conditions and test results are automatically saved, displayed and printed. Fully integrated into the computer-controlled test procedure, the test machine is a research institutes, metallurgy building, defense industry, universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries ideal cost-effective test systems.

2. Standards:

GB / T2611-2007 Tester General technical requirements

GB / T16826-2008 Hydraulic servo universal testing machine

GB 3075 Axial fatigue testing metal

JB / T9379-2002 Tension and compression fatigue test machine technical conditions

GB / T228-2010 Metallic materials at room temperature tensile test method

4. Feature:

1. Test machine host: two columns, base, beams constitute enclosed frame structure, frame stiffness, no backlash, good stability. Two-column the outer surface of the hard chrome plating. Servo actuator (cylinder) at home, using double-acting cylinder piston design, convenient and flexible adjustment of the sample holder.

2. The key components: the use of international brands - American MOOG servo valve, HST-1000 controller, the United States World Civil sensors, Japan Fujikoshi pump, US company MTS displacement sensors.

3. The hydraulic servo pump station: no leak quiet technology, stable pressure output, no volatility, low noise, good heat dissipation, high filtration precision, pressure overload, oil temperature automatic over-temperature protection.

4. Control: force, displacement, deformation PID loop control, and can achieve any control mode switching smoothly without disturbance.

5. Test software: for operation under Windows test platform, with the control system can control the test system to complete all kinds of dynamic and static mechanical properties test, such as metal stretching, compression, bending, low cycle and metal fracture mechanics testing. Software self-contained, high-speed data communication with the control system, the control test system work, drawn to meet the various test curve test requirements, and independent completion of various trial management, data storage, the test report printing.

6. Test waveforms: sine, triangle, square wave, trapezoidal wave, random wave, combination waveforms.

7. Protection: has oil plug, over-temperature, low-level, hydraulic system overload, motor overheating, fatigue preset number of times that the test piece breakage alarm shutdown feature.