Metal thermal fatigue tester

Product description:

Metal thermal fatigue tester
  • HST-P 50kn 100kn 200KN 250KN 5Ton 10Ton 20Ton 25Ton Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Tester
  • HST-PU-22001-A0-000 Hydraulic Oil Circuit Control Valve Group
  • HST-P20JZ 0.2/s Servo Dynamic static fatigue testing system for shock absorber
  • Fatigue Test systems for the railway industry

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Metal thermal fatigue tester is produced according to the dynamic servo test technology, and utilizes the design methods of unitization, standardization and modularization, which enhance the stability and reliability of the system. The machine is mainly used for the dynamic and static mechanics performance tests to material and parts, equipped with corresponding accessories, it can do tensile, compression, low cycle and high cycle, crack growth tests and other mechanics tests for various kinds of materials, and it widely used in the fields of aviation and aerospace, ship-making and military industries.