HSTWDT 35 Microcomputer controlled electronic ladder static load testing machine

Product description:

HSTWDT 35 Microcomputer controlled electronic ladder static load testing machine
  • Tensile Test of Plastics Composites And Extrusion (ISO 527)
  • WDW-E 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical ctm machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic computerized tensile testing machine
  • WDW-200E 200KN 20Ton computerized universal testing machine

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HSTWDT 35 microcomputer control electronic step static test bench adopts servo motor automatic control technology, which is suitable for static test loading of escalators and moving walkway steps, step kick boards and pedals.
Standard: GB/T16899-2011 "Safety regulations for the manufacture and installation of escalators and moving walkways"
TSGT7024-2004 "Escalator and moving walkway pedal type test rules"
Main technical parameters and technical indicators:

No. Item Main specifications, technical parameters and technical indicators
1 Max. test force 10,20,35,50,100kN
2 Test force accuracy better than±1%
3 Test force measurement range 0.4-100% full automatic shifting
4 Test force resolution ±100,000 yards or more
5 displacement resolution ±0.001mm
6 Displacement measurement accuracy better than ±1% of the indication
7 speed range 0.005mm/min~500mm/min,
8 Speed accuracy Better than ±1%
9 Control mode There are three closed-loop control functions of force, deformation and displacement (speed), which can realize constant load, constant deformation, stress rate and strain rate control, and require no impact conversion during the test.
10 Protective function With overload protection, limit protection, AC servo speed control system and motor over current, over voltage, over speed, over torque, over temperature protection
11 Stretching and Compression The mainframe structure is a single test space, and the stretching, compression and bending are all completed in the lower space.