Microcomputer automatic control sample size measurement

Product description:

Microcomputer automatic control sample size measurement
  • Tensile Test of Plastics Composites And Extrusion (ISO 527)
  • WDW-E 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical ctm machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic computerized tensile testing machine
  • WDW-200E 200KN 20Ton computerized universal testing machine

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The sample size measurement is automatically controlled by microcomputer. It is suitable for the size measurement of large scale rectangular sample and round sample in physical and chemical testing room of iron and steel enterprises. The measuring platform is mainly composed of section dimension measurement. This measuring table is convenient for loading and unloading samples, accurate and fast measurement. After loading the samples, just press the test button to automatically complete the size measurement of six test points, more than 3 times measurement of size; The computer automatically obtains the minimum cross-sectional area or average cross-sectional area of each group of samples, which is automatically input into the superior computer or the remote testing machine. After the sample size is measured, the vertical cylinder and the propulsion cylinder automatically operate continuously, and the electronic servo system drives the operation automatically. The application of this measuring table can effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce labor matching, improve measurement accuracy, and make the recording, calculation, input of measurement data tend to zero error, this equipment can be connected with two to three sets of tensile testing machines.


Suitable for sample type

hard rectangular sample, hard round sample.

Measuring sample length range


Measuring rectangular sample size range

thickness of 6mm-50mm, width of 6mm-50mm.

Measurement of circular sample size range

Ø5mm- Ø30mm.

Measurement accuracy

better than ±0.5%.

Measurement accuracy

meet the determination of B4 original cross-sectional area (S0) in Appendix B of GB/T 228-2010

The calculation method of the original cross-sectional area of the sample is in accordance with the determination of the original cross-sectional area (S0) of B4 in Appendix B of GB/T 228-2010

Measuring table and 60 tons and 100 tons testing machine connected at the same time, you can freely choose the testing machine or measuring table original cross-sectional area parameters;