HST-EG High Temperature Tensile Testing Machine(+20-300℃)

Product description:

HST-EG High Temperature Tensile Testing Machine(+20-300℃)
  • Tensile Test of Plastics Composites And Extrusion (ISO 527)
  • WDW-E 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical ctm machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic computerized tensile testing machine
  • WDW-200E 200KN 20Ton computerized universal testing machine

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1. Application
It is widely used in controlling the quality; Rubber & Plastics; metallurgical iron and steel; manufacturing machinery; electronic equipment; automobile production; textile fiber; wire and cable; packaging materials and foodstuffs; instrumentation; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; research Laboratory; inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments; building materials, ceramic; Petroleum &Chemical; other industries.
2. Specificatios

Model HST-EG10,20,50 HST-EG100 HST-EG200,300
Max. Load(kN) 10,20,50 100 200,300
Control method Computer control
Load accuracy Class 1,Class 0.5
Load range 2%~100%F·S,0.2%~100%F·S
Resolution of displacement 0.01mm
Test speed(mm/min) 0.05-1000 0.05-500 0.05-200/500
Tensile space(mm) 800 700 550
Compression space(mm) 800 700 550
Test width 400 550 600
Temperature ranage +20~300
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(can be customized)
Grips according to customer's requirement