Medical surgical mask differential pressure tester

Product description:

Medical surgical mask differential pressure tester
  • Tensile Test of Plastics Composites And Extrusion (ISO 527)
  • WDW-E 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical ctm machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic computerized tensile testing machine
  • WDW-200E 200KN 20Ton computerized universal testing machine

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1. Application

The medical surgical mask pressure difference tester is used to detect the pressure difference of surgical masks. The equipment is equipped with software that can display the pressure curve in real time, output the test report, and save the test data. Meet the test standards YY0469-2011, YY / T0969-2013 ventilation resistance.


1. The equipment is equipped with a pump to simulate artificial respiration.

2. The detector is equipped with a vacuum sensor and a positive pressure sensor, which are used to collect the test data pressure and reflect it into the computer software.

3. The pressure has stepless adjustable function, and the technical parameters such as holding pressure and holding time can be set.

3. Technical parameters of the detector

1. Flow meter range: 8L / min.

2. Control method: computer.

3. Micro-pressure measuring range 0-500pa, accuracy 1pa.

4.The timing accuracy is 0.1s.