Synthetic blood penetration tester for medical mask

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Synthetic blood penetration tester for medical mask
  • WDS Series 10KN, 20KN,50KN,100KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic universal testing Machine with pneumatic side wedge grip
  • WDW-E10KN 20KN 30KN 50kN 100kN 1Ton 2Ton 3Ton 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical universal Testing Machine
  • 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton Electronic Universal testing machine with pneumatic side action grip

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Medical mask synthetic blood penetration tester is used for synthetic blood penetration test of medical mask, it can output test report and save test data.



Meet the test standard YY0469-2011 .



1. The equipment is equipped with an air pump to adjust the air pressure.

2. The detector is equipped with a positive pressure sensor for collecting test data pressure.

3. The pressure has stepless adjustable function, and the technical parameters such as holding pressure and holding time can be set.



1. Blood 2ml test.

2. Control mode: manual control.

3. Pressure 20kpa, accuracy 0.1kpa.

Test process: Fix the sample on the sample holder of the instrument, spray 2ml of synthetic blood with a surface tension of 0.042 ± 0002n / m at a distance of 30.5cm from the center of the sample. Then spray it at a pressure of 16kpa from the needle tube with an inner diameter of 0.84mm in the horizontal direction The target area of the sample. Take off , check the result within 10s.