WJQ-100 Horizontal Brake Pad Shear Testing Machine

Product description:

Horizontal brake pad shear testing machine
  • WDS Series 10KN, 20KN,50KN,100KN Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine
  • Table Type 5kN 10kN 20kN computer control electronic universal testing Machine with pneumatic side wedge grip
  • WDW-E10KN 20KN 30KN 50kN 100kN 1Ton 2Ton 3Ton 5Ton 10Ton electromechanical universal Testing Machine
  • 50kN 100kN 5Ton 10Ton Electronic Universal testing machine with pneumatic side action grip

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Brake pad shear testing machine is a new generation of microcomputer-controlled compression and shear testing machine designed specifically for road vehicles, brake linings and other mechanisms.

This machine fully complies with "GB / T22309-2008 road vehicle brake lining disc brake block assembly and drum brake shoe assembly shear strength test method".

The design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of the testing machine draws on advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, no pollution, low noise and high efficiency. And all the test operations can be completed automatically on the computer through the mouse.

Good humanized design makes the test operation more convenient.


Max. Test force




Measurement range


Test force accuracy

Better than ±1%

Displacement resolution


Displacement measurement accuracy

Better than ±1%

Test speed range

Customize equipment, according to the actual parameters

Test space

Customize equipment, according to the actual parameters