Factory Drop ball impact test equipment

Product description:

Factory Drop ball impact test equipment
  • Plastic films and sheets falling dart impact tester
  • GWQ-1000 Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine
  • Adjustable height optical Fiber Cable Impact Testing Machine
  • GCJ-1000 Series Optical Fiber Cable Impact Testing Machine

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1.  GB/T 8363-2007 Ferritic steel drop weight tear test method

2.  ASTM E436-03Standard Test Method for Drop-Weight Tear Tests of Ferritic Steels

3.  API RP*5L3-96Conducting Drop-Weight Tear Tests on Line Pipe


Application Industry:

Measurement of Quality; iron and steel metallurgy; machinery manufacturing; research laboratories; commodity inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments and other industries.

Technical parameter

1.   Maximum impact energy100000J

2.   Minimum impact energy20000J

3.   Main hammer body mass1620kg

4.   Main hammer body mass error±1%

6.   Weights mass error±0.5%

7.   Total mass of hammer1020kg

8.   Impact height1275mm3400mm

9.   Impact velocity5m/s8.16m/s

10.  Height measurement resolution0.1mm

11.  Height measurement error≤±10mm

12.  Hammer blade hardnessHRC5862

13.  Radius of Hammer blade curvatureR25±0.1mm

14.  Bearing hardnessHRC5862

15.  Radius of bearing curvatureR25±0.1mm

16.  Hammer blade center and bearing center deviation≤±1.5mm

17.  Specimen bearing span254±1.5mm

18.  Sample size:305±5×76.2±1.5×340mm