dumbell rubber tensile specimen cutting machine

Product description:

dumbell rubber tensile specimen cutting machine
  • Plastic films and sheets falling dart impact tester
  • GWQ-1000 Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine
  • Adjustable height optical Fiber Cable Impact Testing Machine
  • GCJ-1000 Series Optical Fiber Cable Impact Testing Machine

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XJUD Series Digital IZOD Impact Testing Machine


This series is mainly used in testing the nonmetal materials'' impact toughness, such as horniness plastic, strong nylon, glass reinforced plastics, china, clay rock, anti-electric etc. It is the ideal test equipment of chemical industrial, R&D institution, universities and colleges, quality testing department and professional manufacturer laboratory.


1.This series of impact test enginery is adopting PLC control to enhance product control accuracy and stability and can be fixed friction and wind resistance that brings by the energy loss.

2.The XJU Digital Display IZOD Impact Testing Machine main technical parameters of the instrument to the national standard GB/T 1843, GB/T 2611 , the international standard ISO180and the industry standard JB/T 8761.

Technical Parameters:

Model: XJU-5.5 XJU-22
Impact speed3.5 m/s
Impact energy: 1J, 2.75J, 5.5J11J, 2 2J
Pendulum power distance


Impact center distance: 335mm
Rising angle of the pendulum: 160°
Round angle radius of Striking edgeR=0.8±0.2mm
Distance between impact blade and jaw 22±0.2mm
Impact blade angle 75°
Energy loss 1J: 2%; 2.75J:1%5.5J: 0.5%
Temperature 15°C-35°C