HST-BTG60 ISO 8491 Steel Pipe Bending Testing Machine

Product description:

HST-BTG60 ISO 8491 Steel Pipe Bending Testing Machine
  • GW-E40/50 Electric Steel Bar Bending Testing Machine
  • GW-H40 Hydraulic Bending And Re-bending Testing Machine
  • HST-BT300 300KN Steel bar (steel plate) bending tester
  • HST JWJ-13 13mm Electric metal wire repeated bending test machine

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Welded (Low Pressure Fluid) Steel Pipe Bending Testing Machine" is a special equipment for plane bending test of metal steel pipe. 
ISO 8491:1998 Metallic materials — Tube (in full section) — Bend test
ISO 5173:2023 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials — Bend tests
ASTM A370-22  Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products

Main technical parameters:



Curved steel   pipe nominal diameter range (DN)

DN6(Φ10.2) ,DN8(Φ13.5)   ,DN10(Φ17.2) ,DN15(Φ21.3), DN20(Φ26.9) , DN25(Φ33.7), DN32(Φ42.4), DN40(Φ48.3),   DN50(Φ60.3)

Steel pipe bending angle

0°-90° free setting

(Customized 0°-180° free setting available)

Roller operating speed

≤1.4 r/min

Bending angle control accuracy


Equipped with bent sleeve radius R (6   times diameter) for steel pipe

Φ21.3mm×6≈127.8mmΦ26.9mm×6≈161.4mmΦ33.7mm×6≈202.2mm Φ42.4mm×6≈254.4mmΦ48.3mm×6≈289.8mmΦ60.3mm×6≈361.8mm

Optional:   Φ10.2mm×6≈61.2mmΦ13.5mm×6≈81mm


Wheel radius


Test control methods

1. Manual control:   the sample bending test is controlled manually, and the bending angle is   controlled manually during the bending process;

2. Automatic   control: the bending test is automatically controlled by the equipment, the   bending angle can be set, the angle is displayed from time to time during the   bending process, and it will automatically stop when the bending angle   reaches the set angle.

Motor power